Dating in Online Games

I wrote an article a couple of years ago about WoW weddings that continues to get huge traffic and loads of comments even today. The article actually talked about fake marriages in the World of Warcraft game (i.e. where to find a tuxedo and wedding dress, engagement ring, etc) but the comments section took on a life of its own as people talked about their feelings regarding internet relationships through online gaming.

Some people are strongly against the idea, claiming that it is stupid or childish or even insecure and ridiculous. Others claimed they met their sweetheart in a video game, and many went on to marry, have children, and even stay together years later.

One of the most important points is a commentator who says, “I want to know how dating on WoW is different from dating sites on the Internet.” This is a great point. Meeting in a video game is no different than meeting in a chat room, bulletin board, online support group, or even a dating site.

The difference with a dating site, of course, would be that people are there for the sole purpose of finding a mate, whereas typically in an online game, people are there to play and if you meet someone special, that’s just an advantage. secondaryแทงบอลผ่านเน็ต

I think as technology continues to advance, we will see more couples connecting online, including through video games, and it will become less controversial and shocking. However, I think it’s very important that people who want to date someone they met in an online game practice the right safety precautions.

No matter how well you think you know someone who plays together or chat online, predators are out there. It is important to be safe while being open to dating in online games.

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