The Biodynamic Farming Journey of Keith & Kay

I generally love opening our messages toward the beginning of the day and getting stories like this in our inbox from our individuals.

We asked Keith and Kay Jeffrey to impart their story to us on zoom which you can watch in the video.

They share their anecdote about how Biodynamics has been the most fascinating thing that they’ve done in their life. Appreciate the video and story underneath.

A Bit About The Garden

We have been pursuing for the recent years to take a gander at taking care of the warmth in summer better for the veggies. We have planted some quickly developing trees ie paw, draining heart, and tall simple to oversee grasses ie sugar stick, and lemongrass to make them make conceal from the west during summer and ready to scale them back in harvest time to allow in the light and sun. This is demonstrating fruitful.

This year we are attempting more blossoms, for example, sun blossoms, Sun Hemp. a few salvias, in addition several bushes. Remembering the blossoms every one of these produces as we are searching for greater variety for gainful and hunter creepy crawlies. The achievement of this will be to have a consistent inventory practically the entire year to keep the environment balanced!!!!!!! Continuously sounds simple yet despite the fact that we counsel nature it doesn’t generally work out that way.

This permits us to have a genuine bungalow garden with blossoms and vegetables combined as one. We simply love the combination of this load of things – makes a portion of our companions crazy as they love their straight columns. A great deal of the motivation for this comes from Syntropics reasoning of copying the rainforest. This is every one of the a work in progress. We expect to carry back some vaccinated wheat with mushroom mycelium. furthermore, we will plant that out in chosen Farm Sheds for sale regions in the fiddled conceal, looks simple on Youtube a ton will rely upon the climate.

We are incredible scroungers we get loads of dump mulch which Atherton dumps makes a lot of because of the space being tropical with immense development. Some say not to utilize it as you don’t have the foggiest idea what is in it however when you perceive how much mycelium fills in it simply sitting at the landfill it can’t be really awful. We feel that the different surface and plant material, is ending up being a genuine victor and it’s free we gauge we utilize roughly 4 cubic meters each year completely gathered in our plastic tubs 12 all at once.

One of the neighborhood ranchers develops straw to convey west and he sells it’s anything but a shed @ $6 per parcel we simply proceed to gather it at whatever point we need it. We use stacks of roughly 20 bunches each year. At the beginning of summer we lay the rolls level around every one of the trees and the dampness maintenance is superb in addition to it is transforming into fertilizer as it goes. Before we lay the straw bread roll down we heap it on the landfill mulch.