Traditions of Wicca

Wiccan Traditions

For a few of us Wicca is a singular religion, something that we have shown ourselves through gatherings, books or even the web. Regardless of whether you experienced childhood in a Wiccan family or were started the conventional path through a coven, it is critical to see the entirety of the Wiccan customs.

Gardenerian Wicca

Gerald Gardener’s customary way respects Cernunnos as the master and Aradia as the woman. This way of Wicca is formal with skyclad love and levels of commencement with the covens having close to thirteen individuals in each. The covens are driven by a high priestess with an esteemed cleric. Gardenerians are not very dazzled without anyone else inception in different types of Wicca since they accept that it takes a witch to make a witch.

Alexandrian Wicca

Established in the 1960’s by Alex and Maxine Saunders, Alexandrian Wicca is a formal, organized, neo-Gardenerian custom. Both Gardenerian and Alexandrian Wicca are viewed as Classical Wicca.

English Traditional Wicca

This sort of Wicca is like Gardenerian Wicca, likewise formal and organized Wicca yet blends Celtic divinities and otherworldliness too.

Celtic Wicca

Celtic Wicca fuses Celtic Gods and Goddesses with otherworldliness, green black magic and faery wizardry.

Dianic Wicca

This custom is based on the Goddess Diana that does exclude divine beings. Dianic Wicca is frequently considered as a women’s activist, even lesbian way, in spite of the fact that there are male Dianic Witches. This way doesn’t need commencements.

Faery Wicca

This Irish custom is like Celtic Wicca zeroing in on green black magic and faery wizardry.

Teutonic Wicca

Teutonic Wicca joins gods, imagery and practices from the Nordic custom including Germanic and Norse societies.

Family Traditions

Ages of witches having their mysterious practices and customs.

Oxymorphic Groups

Evil Wiccans and Christian Wiccans ARE NOT Wiccan if they have good intentions. It is an inconsistency in wording

Albeit a few witches accept that every individual probably been shown the art by a living relative prior to being considered as a genetic witch, in any case, I accept that being a witch can be acquired from a grandparent who may or not be living. The characteristic blessing to black magic seems to avoid an age much of the time. There are incalculable reports of youthful witches getting soul messages from their precursors showing direction on the witches’ way or finding data that focuses to a progenitor being a witch.


Agnosticism covers numerous beliefs, one being Wicca. Wiccans regard others in their convictions and worth the opportunity of love for everybody. Wiccans are polythesists who join different Gods and Goddesses into their customs. Most witches put stock in resurrection, thus the portrayal of the seasons, birth, demise and resurrection. A few Wiccans accept we rest in Summerlands prior to being resurrected. Summerlands is where we are brought together with our families and friends and family.